Artist - Mykeljon

Title - World Stood Still


Track List

  1. World stood still [*]
  2. State I’m in
  3. Surrender to love
  4. Sacrifice
  5. Nothing stays the same [‡]
  6. Day at a time  [*]
  7. You ran away
  8. Bleeding for your kiss
  9. Sorrow
  10. Ten seconds of fame
  11. Once in a blue moon [*] [†][¤]
  12. Let it go [*]
  13. Day at a time [acoustic bonus track]


All songs composed, arranged and produced by Mykeljon

Engineered and mixed at Ellamy Studios Auckland NZ by Louie Bernstone


Band (musician credits)

Vocals - Mykeljon

Backing vocals – Mykeljon

Acoustic steel – Mykeljon

Fat body semi acoustic – Mykeljon

Rhythm – Mykeljon

Telecaster – Bruce Kerr [*]

Acoustic Nylon – Bruce Kerr [*]

Bass Guitar – Bruce Kerr and Trinidad Sanchez III [†]

Percussion – Isaac Sanchez and Layton Greening [‡]

Drums – Leyton Greening and Isaac Sanchez [¤]

Keyboards and piano – Ernie Semu

Harmonica – Derek Haggis Maguiness

Alto and tenor saxophone – Ambrose Splescia


Dedication:  I’d like to dedicate this album to my godmother Elizabeth Maas, who was nothing short of a true inspiration to all that new her.  On my quest for music it was she who got me started.


Special thanks

All the musicians – True journey men who express with life’s soul, brothers connected by the groove.  Susan Henson, Wayne Baker, Louie Bernstone, George Schoushkoff, Pat Kelley, Rickey Grundy, Randy Levinson, Steve Samuela, Marinus van Wijk, Ray LeCheminant, My wife Tatyana and daughter Yvonne (who put up with hearing these tracks thousands of times), My parents (their support forever unyielding).